Student Exchange Programme

Selamat Datang (Welcome). The Centre for International Affairs and Cooperation (CIAC) rejoices in welcoming you to Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). UUM is an international university that warmly welcomes all visitors to our lush green campus. Our office will do our utmost to assist UUM’s international community.
Focusing on our latest trends in the internationalization of higher education, which includes the mobility and exchange students programme that is crucial for International students to immerse themselves into social and academic cultures of other countries and to provide opportunities for international students to study in and experience the cultures in Malaysia.
The purpose of the Student Mobility Programme is to offer opportunities to International university students to undertake undergraduate studies at Universiti Utara Malaysia as a way to incorporate an international dimension to their university training and to gain intercultural knowledge, skills and experience in another country.
While you are studying overseas, you can remain enrolled in full-time courses at UUM and able to receive credit for your degree. In most cases, you will be able to combine travel and study without adding extra time to your studies.
You will find our campus vibrant and welcoming with lots of events and activities to interest you. The Students’ Association will provides many opportunities to enhance your university life, and our facilities will enable you to socialise, participate in many activities and take a break from the usual academic life.


Students exchange programme can also be applied directly by following the steps as shown below, or you can contact a study abroad channel or an exchange coordinator at your home university for assistance when logging in your application.

Step 1
1. Determine which programme you will like to apply for;
2. Check for your eligibility;
3. Select your subjects and have your study plans approved by an advisor at your home university;
4. Assemble your supporting documentation and check for the particular Faculty for the specific requirements and restrictions.

Step 2
Download Student Exchange Programme Application Form (Inbound).

Step 3
Complete all the application forms and submit them with all the documentation to the Centre for International Affairs and Cooperation, UUM (softcopy) via the study abroad channel or the exchange coordinator at your home university.

After your application is submitted
Your application will be processed by a staff member at CIAC, who will then case manage your application from from the beginning-to-end. It usually takes two months from the time of application to the visa issue. In some instances, depending on the subject or faculty requirements, it may take a bit longer. During this time your case manager will provide you with on-going feedback and advice on your application.
Please note that your application will only be processed after we have received the completed document which includes scanned copies of your Student Exchange Programme Application Form (Inbound) and official transcripts.

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