The UUM campus is fully equipped with modern facilities and amenities, including well-equipped and fully air-conditioned halls and classrooms, student lounge and a 24 hours wireless Internet facility. The main buildings in the campus are the academic buildings, the library, the administrative buildings, the University Health Centre, the Varsity Mall and the sports complex.




Universiti Utara Malaysia has two mosques for the benefit of its Muslim community. The Sultan Badlishah Mosque functions as an Islamic educational and advisory center that organizes FarduAin and Arabic Language classes. The second mosque is the Bukit Kachi Mosque that is built in the middle of Bank Rakyat and SME Bank Halls of Residence.



language centre

 UUM Language Centre focuses on providing students English and Malay language courses to help international students learn the local language as well as improve their English language skills.




The counseling center provides counseling services to help students cope with stress related to their study life in the University. It also offers personality and self-potential workshops, effective learning workshops, and other training and self-improvement programs to aid students at every step of their academic experience at UUM.

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