Pre-Departure Checklist

Now you are one step closer to enrolling in UUM. Before you leave for Malaysia, please go through the pre-departure checklist so that you have all pertinent items with you.

The following are checklist that will assist you for a smooth arrival to Malaysia.

 ü  Flight ticket.
 ü  A valid passport.
 ü  Visa related documents
 ü  Travel vaccinations.
 ü  Financial guarantee letter.
 ü  Scholarship award letter (if applicable).
 ü  Arranged accommodation in Malaysia.
 ü  Travel insurance documents/personal documents.
 ü  Offer letter approval from Universiti Utara Malaysia.
 ü  Malaysian currency notes (Ringgit Malaysia) /Travelers cheque
 ü  Minimum RM1000.00 for your basic needs and to open a bank account.
 ü  A letter of medical prescription if you are taking prescribed medicines.
 ü  Details of contacts in Malaysia (family, friends, seniors, personal friends)
 ü  Single Entry Visa (Social Pass) from the Malaysian embassy in your country*
 ü  Information about studying in Malaysia (current social, political and economic issues)
 ü  Original copies of your relevant certificates (with their translated versions) and examination results.
 ü  Onward journey information: how much it will cost, journey route, how long it will take to get to UUM from KLIA.


 ü Camera
 ü    Laptop adapter (In Malaysia three square pin plugs are used and voltage is 220v/50Hz)
 ü Medication (if needed)
 ü Business casual clothes when attending classes
 ü Sports attire
 ü Tourist guide
 ü Backpack
 ü Mp3 player

In addition to the above, it is also highly recommended to bring along cultural artifacts from your country such as traditional clothes, musical instruments, potteries, etc. You may need these items to showcase your country in international students’ events organized by various agencies.

* Please check with the International office, UUM of any changes to the Visa procedures. Alternatively, you may telephone the office at +604-9283184 at telephone or email:

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