Undergraduate Program : International Student

At the moment, the University is offering 25 out of 39 programmes in English Languages as a medium of communications. The programmes are as follows:

  1. Bachelor of Science with Honour (Information Technology)
  2. Bachelor of Science with Honour (Multimedia)
  3. Bachelor of Science with Honours (Decision Science)
  4. Bachelor of Science with Honours (Business Mathematics)
  5. Bachelor of Science with Honours (Industrial Statistics)
  6. Bachelor of Science with Honours (in Economics)
  7. Bachelor of Finance with Honours
  8. Bachelor of Sciences Agribusiness Management with Honours
  9. Bachelor of Banking with Honours
  10. Bachelor of Marketing with Honours
  11. Bachelor of  Technology Management with Honours
  12. Bachelor of Risk Management and Insurance with Honours
  13. Bachelor of Business Administration (Logistic & Transportation) with Honours
  14. Bachelor of Operations Management with Honours
  15. Bachelor of Accounting with Honours
  16. Bachelor of Accounting (Information System) with Honours
  17. Bachelor of Islamic Finance and Banking with Honours
  18. Bachelor of Tourism Management with Honours
  19. Bachelor of Hospitality Management with Honours
  20. Bachelor of International Business Management with Honours
  21. Bachelor of International Affairs Management with Honours
  22. Bachelor of Development Management with Honours
  23. Bachelor of Entrepreneurship with Honours
  24. Bachelor of Human Resource Management with Honours
  25. Bachelor of Science with Honours (Business Mathematics)

Students have to sit for the English Language Placement Test before undergo the course registration session. Students also have to undergo the Malay Language Course (BLM 1010) concurrently with the programme majoring subjects. The classes will be conducted by the Language Centre (Pusat Bahasa).  Students need to pass the Malay Language Course before the end of studies.

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